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Washington DC Summer Internships



Washington DC:
June 4 - July 30, 2016


Living and Working in DC

With the Washington D.C. Internship Program, you experience a full-featured, complete live/work internship. Take advantage of our coaching and transform your resume and interviewing skills into tangible assets. With our help, you are guaranteed an internship in your field of study.

Because we take care of everything – your housing, commute transportation and planned weekend activities – you can focus on distinguishing yourself at your internship. And while you bolster your career credentials, you also have opportunities to explore Washington D.C. with new friends from among the hundreds of other US and international college interns in the program.

Put yourself in the center of the Nation’s Capital, you’ll forge lasting memories and friendships, as well as a web of business connections that stretch around the globe. Spend some time indulging your other interests, as well. Be at the heart of our nation’s history – from the National Mall to the Lincoln Memorial, the Smithsonian to the White House. You’ll never run out of things to see and do.

Dream Careers is a very good stepping stone for your career. It gives you the confidence to get a job, knowing you have prior experience.

- Michelle, Temple University

I've enjoyed learning the legal process. There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes. Dream Careers was able to tailor my experience to help me advance my career.

- Princesse, Temple University

Trust the system, it is great, it really works! If you have any kind of issue Dream Careers will help you to fix it, they really want to help you.

- Katie, Bonnie, & Hailey, University of Michigan, University of Arizona, University of South Carolina

I came in with the goal of securing a full time job and was able to do that in my 3rd week, so i felt great about the opportunity that Dream Careers has provided me.

- David & Anthony, UC Santa Barbara & James Madison University

It's a leap of faith but it's definitely worth it.

- Ann & Kathleen, Presbyterian College & University of Alabama

I would consider Dream Careers a valuable investment because I know it will impact my future career in so many ways. I made great connections through my internship and also added an excellent experience to my resume. My future employers will know that I am serious about my career!

- Adam Koch, University of Illinois

At first, I was really worried about my financing the internship program. Once I learned of all of the things included such as room (the most AMAZING apartment) and weekend activities, I saw where the money was going!

- Jason Yao, Monmouth University

Dream Careers gave me an incredible opportunity to live and work in a major city. I spent my summer in one of the most beautiful cities in the world and had an internship that gave me real responsibilities. I would absolutely recommend Dream Careers to anyone because you definitely come out of this program with experience, confidence, and independence.

- Jenn Denfield, Washington University in St. Louis

The Dream Careers program as a whole offers much more than just an internship and a place to live. The program environment was incredible, as you live with motivated college students going through the same experience. I felt more comfortable, and had more fun, because I shared my experience with other college students.

- Kelly Dherty, Penn State University



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